Greater New York Area

Vocal Profile

Male | 30 – 55 | Non-Union

Voice Description

Matthew Eagen is a New York voiceover talent. Who’s voice is raw, real, and a bit rough around the edges. A regular guy with a warm heart vibe. Think a more articulate and younger Rocky Balboa.

Contact Information

Phone: (631) 327-3330


Location: New York

skype: mattheweagen1

Recent Clients

  • The Sierra Club
  • Wilmington International Airport
  • The International Association for Dyslexia


Home recording studio for productions and auditions, with equipment that captures the clarity of Matthew’s voice, ensuring that your recordings sound crystal clear. Matt also has great relationships with two studios less than 10 minutes away. All files can be delivered by e-mail, Dropbox, or CD, in all desired file types.


What People Are Saying

“We’ve heard a lot of great feedback on the radio spot. The client told us that a professor from a local university called them up and said it was the best radio spot they’ve heard.”

“I was at an event and over heard the table next to me mimicking your character, when the public gives that much recognition it means we really cut through the clutter, GREAT JOB MATT!”

Brian Donovan-

“Matthew came in super prepared. His spirit and determination are sooo much fun to work with.”

“Matt came in like a gangbusters. He was prepared, rehearsed, and raring to go, and go he did.”

“Matthew was professional, cooperative and responded to punch-ins like a pro.”

Michael Ingram – Director & Pro Talent for over 30 years.

Voiceover Training

Public Speaking | Under Graduate Acting & Technique | Edge Studio Character Development | Edge Studio

Business & Money | Edge Studio Improv Acting | Magnet Theater Manhattan

Edge Studio | New York City

Matthew has been coached by some of the best VO professionals in the business: David Goldberg, Michael Ingram, Jay Snyder, Deb Munro, Xavier Paul, Linda Jones, Danielle Quisenberry, David Guzzone, George Whittam. Matthew has been, and continues to be professionally trained through Edge Studio in Manhattan, and their team of voice over professionals in the Art and Business of Voice Over.